It is worldwide accepted that distortion of carbon balance in the  Atmosphere  generates  many  threats for the nature as human itself is part of it.  This  situation brings  global responsibility  to  everyone regadless of proffesional working field.  It is becoming more and more important for the future to produce sustainable,  clean and renewable energy  having no threatful  side effect for the nature Eliş Mühendislik worked by this understanding and developed its own patented products.  Clean , low cost, and trouble  free energy production is targeted by  these  products.

1 - WIND:


This turbine is developed as an alternative to existing three blade turbines. Design, model, prototype and patent application steps already passed. It is highly efficient and new generation turbine. Basic properties ; 

  • Higher  energy efficiency
  • Lower cost
  • Wider land setting possibilities regardless of plain or rough areas.


Conventional(three blade) turbines require special material and systems to overcome difficulties coming from blade, tower and control functions. Operation way restricts aerodynamic performance and the result is low  efficiency.  Considering blade material which has to be made of special material to maintain(carbon fiber etc)  smooth operation and control systems which are special, overall cost  is high.  Turbines should be installed in places where wind flow is horizontal for certain distance. This restriction brings difficulty where the land rough, like in Turkey.

Outstanding aerodynamic performance of cage rotor turbine increases energy efficiency as the main properties given above.  Manufacturing is easy and special control systems  are not necessary. These  are main factors for the lower cost. It is installed and operated at each type land, whether rough or plain.  Cage rotor turbine may be designed and manufactured as household type, compound type or industrial type.

Efficiency of  cage rotor turbine is increases incrementally when used with airfoil device which is another Eliş Engineering  design

Another property of cage rotor turbine is ; based on flow dynamics it can be used  in other environment where there is mass flow(river, wave, gas etc) together with airfoil device



Horizontal Axis Cage Rotor Turbine is the  improoved  version of previous  design  namely  Cage  Rotor Turbine.   This innovation  has all properties of  Cage  Rotor Turbine,  in addition  has  superior  aerodynamic  and  hyhrodynamic features.  Could be utilised  firstly in wind and in water course


Purpose of this design is to increase wind energy. . Design, model, prototype and patent application steps already passed. It is highly efficient and new generation device. Basic properties ;

  • It’s shape is in airfoil form as described in aerodynamics.
  • Air passed through this device in Eliş Enginnering design
  • Enviroment air speed is doubled by special internal geometry

This property creates an important difference and enables to get outstanding  aerodynamic performance.  Doubling of environmental wind speed makes possible widespread  utilization of  wind power  in  areas  which  seem  inconvenient  before

Airfoil device could be manufactured from ordinary material. Special material is not necessary. Manufacturing is easy. It is used in all terrain whether rough or plain.

Airfoil device could be used together with conventional wind turbine.  Performance is increased incrementally  when  used together with cage rotor turbine which is another Eliş Engineering design.  

Another property of cage airfoil device is ; based on flow dynamics it can be used  in other environment where there is mass flow(river, gas etc) together with cage rotor turbine.




Concentrated solar systems utilize intensive sun light on panels(hot water or photovoltaic). Reflection equipment are used for this purpose 

General problems of such system  especially in photovoltaic application is the excessive heating on panels which requires artificial heat transfer.  Almost  all the  light utilized for solar energy by special collection system developed by  Eliş  Engineering.  Panels  get intense sun light continuously and works efficiently. Follower system of reflecting  equipment increases efficiency.  It is ideal where solar panels can not be spread or if spread application is not required.


                           Innovation Turkey Fair Stand


       İstanbul International Invention ELİŞ engineering Fair stand



                                     Cage Rotor Turbine


                 Horizontal Axis Cage Rotor Turbine



                     Horizontal Axis Cage Rotor Turbine



    Video link for Horizontal  Axis Cage Rotor Turbine