Our main field of activity is size reduction which is one of the important subjects of the Industry.  We built complete plant for fine grinding and crushing. Also we manufacture and supply the patented  products of ourselves in this field. Brief description of our patented products are given below.


This vertical shaft mill is favorable for fine grinding. Grinding process is done by throwing effect which is generated by centrifugal force. Grinding media is well known balls of different type in this field.  Grinding system could be by  %100  utilization  of grinding media, could be by partial utilization of grinding media(semi- autogeneous) or by self grinding effect of material itself(autogeneous). The same system could be used for fine crushing. Output is micronized product in grinding and fine sand in crushing.



Specific properties of vertical shaft throwing mill and crusher ;

  • Variable speed and effective process efficiency by this way
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low investment cost
  • Flexibility of modification in internal section




Roller type grinders and crushers are are known equipment. Rollers are in helical structure in our  mill and crusher developed by Eliş Engineering.  Property of this design is mutual wrapping and clamping and it is much more effective compared with other type equipment working by compression principle. Continuous compression of material between concave and convex helical faces and smooth progress by screw effect creates less shock and requires less compression pressure and the result is uniform product outlet. This design could be used as grinder or crusher depending on helical properties of rollers



Vertical turbo crusher is developed as an alternative to existing vertical shaft crushers(VSI) by observing their problems.  It has two types, namely double rotor(inner and outer) and single outer rotor having anvil inside. Specific properties are;

  • Operation in lower in other words in conventional impact crusher speed
  • Using conventional type wearing parts instead of expensive tool bits by decreasing of speed
  • Enabling of larger size mineral inlet by adjustable inertia property.
  • Getting high reduction ratio by cascaded design.