Eliş is engineering company and the  mission is to provide innovative services in mineral-mining and renewable energy fields.  Company history and background is  mainly from cement industry.  Besides, the company infrastructure is developed  in renewable energy field too in the light of innovative company profile and by  undestanding of global responsibility.

Eliş enginnering has many   cases succesfully implemented   in proffessional background like,  total quality in production,  total productive maintenance, continuous development  plans, investment planning and realisation,  developement  innovation and leadership  in personel management.  As a consequence of this background,  many innovative solutions are  brought and innovative products are developed.  Some of these products are patented in the scope of  intellectual property  rights. 

Concerning minelrals and mining idustry, we have required background to realize design, manufacturing , erection and implementation  jobs  in accordance with our innovative mision and understanding in equipment, process and operation topics.  In addition, basic  working  topics for us are  special fine grinding and fine crushing equipment and systems and patented products developed by us.

We have endeavor in renewable energy field by global sensitivity concept and the result are the  developed designs and projects in wind and solar energies.  Domestic equipment utilisation and  efficiency  are targeted.  We have  patented products and special projects in these fields. Design, enginnering, manufacturing, erection implementation  and know-how are our basic working topics. Starting from  household scale, compound type  up to  industrial scale  wide range of products are offered by our company.